A vast, arid region of northern China and southern Mongolia, the Gobi Desert is known for its lonely dunes and the unique animals that call this otherworldly landscape home. Snow leopards and Bactrian camels make tracks in the Gobi’s cool sands. The Khongoryn Els sand dunes, within the Gobi GurvansaikhanRead More →

The rugged coastline of the Gaspé Peninsula in the Canadian province of Quebec extends between the mouth of the St Lawrence River and the Atlantic Ocean. Sparsely populated and incredibly scenic, La Gaspésie’s coastline is dotted with small fishing towns and lighthouses. Pine-covered mountains and salmon-filled rivers thrive in theRead More →

The coast-hugging train route between Danang and Hue in Central Vietnam is a  four-hour journey along central Vietnam’s east coast. With Hai Van Pass on one side of the tracks and rugged cliffs overlooking the East Sea on the other, the train ride is spectacularly scenic and one of quickestRead More →

Dating to the 16th century, the indigenous Ifugao people developed and maintained four terrace complexes for the cultivation of rice along the eastern slopes of the Cordillera Central mountain range in the Luzon region of the Philippines. Facing limited land and soil resources, hundreds of manmade terraces stand testament toRead More →

With over 600 miles of shoreline along the Aegean and Mediterranean seas, the Turkish Riviera, also known popularly as the Turquoise Coast, is an area of southwest Turkey known for its warm climate, warm sea, mountainous scenery, beautiful beaches, and abundant natural and archaeological sites. The Turquoise Coast is aRead More →

The Principality of Asturias is an autonomous community in north-west Spain bordered by Cantabria to the east, Castile and León to the south, Galicia to the west, and by the Bay of Biscay to the north. Though largely unknown to tourists, Asturias is a stunningly beautiful region of Spain withRead More →

Stretching from Italy, through France, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, Austria, and into Slovenia, the Alps are a stunning mountain range formed by the uplift of the European Plate as it is impacted by the African Plate.   Spectacular peaks, valleys, and glacier-fed lakes abound. The Alps host some of the bestRead More →

The extreme south of Patagonian Chile is home to Torres del Paine National Park, known for its dramatic jagged mountains, bright blue icebergs, and grasslands called golden pampas that support rare wildlife like the llama-like guanacos. Torres del Paine’s other attractions include the Cuernos del Paine, Grey Glacier, Lago Grey,Read More →